Monday, August 15, 2011

Ebook Sale! (The cover choice is for you Ing:)

If you haven't read my backlist and have an e-reader, Random House has reduced the price of some of my (and other authors') books. For example, Highlander Untamed is $5.99 on both kindle and nook, as is Highlander Unmasked. Highland Warrior, Highland Scoundrel (I think they mistakenly thought this was the second book), and The Chief are $6.99. Here is the list of all my books on kindle. And here they are on nook. They might be similarly priced on other sites, but those are the only two I heard about. Other RHs authors with trilogies have also been reduced. If you haven't tried Tessa Dare, Tracy Anne Warren, Allison Brennan, Christie Reece, to name a few, now's your chance.

You know how I found out about it? Twitter, LOL! Tessa Dare tweeted about it on Friday. And thanks to you guys, I'm inching closer to Facebook. I messed around with it a little this weekend. I'm probably going to do a "soft" launch soon and you guys can tell me everything I'm doing wrong!