Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who Do You Write Like?

Want to know which famous writer you write like? Plug in a few paragraphs of your writing here and find out.

I read an article about this fun website in my local paper yesterday and had to try it out. Interestingly, I received pretty consistent results when I plugged in my fiction and nonfiction writing. I tried three different sections from my books and they all came back with Dan Brown. When I plugged in three different sections from my Author's Notes they came back with James Joyce. Apparently the site is the brainchild of a Russian software programmer and is based on word choice rather than style. There are only 50 authors to choose from, so the comparisons are limited. When I plugged in a couple paragraphs of Sir Walter Scott it also came back as James Joyce. Supposedly, it's going to get better as the programmer ads more books, etc.

So who do you write like? Any fun "time suck" website you've come across lately?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Treats from RomCon!
(With Melissa Mayhue and Amanda McCabe)

(With my brunette mafia buds: Jami Alden and Veronica Wolff)

This past weekend I flew to Denver to attend the first annual RomCon conference. I had a blast. Intended as a conference for readers, I think the organizers really did a terrific job. It was great to be able to interact in fun workshops with readers (my favorites: building an alpha hero, speed dating a new author, and the "scavenger hunt" with historical authors set up by Courtney Milan). Compared to RT which is similarly devoted to readers, RomCon felt more intimate, allowing for a lot more interactions with readers and authors.

I'm already looking forward to next year! Despite my carry-on only baggage, I did manage to bring back a few "treats," including a signed copy of Julia Quinn's THE DUKE (probably my favorite of her books), an unsigned copy of Julia Quinn's WHAT HAPPENS IN LONDON, a signed copy of Elizabeth Boyle's CONFESSION OF A LITTLE BLACK GOWN, and brought back from RT (I forgot to give away) an unsigned copy of Sarah MacLean's NINE RULES TO BREAK WHEN ROMANCING A RAKE.

One book per person. First person to comment wins the book of their choice. You must specify title, and make sure no one else has requested it before you post OR YOU LOSE YOUR PLACE IN LINE!!! You also must register an email so I have a way of getting a hold of you. Winners will be posted ASAP.

So have you ever attended a readers conference? Is this something that interests you?