Monday, August 30, 2010

Erik is in the house!

No, not that Eric (didn't Alexander Skarsgard look yummy at the Emmy's last night, BTW?), but Erik MacSorley, my half-Viking, half-Gael seafarer hero of THE HAWK, the second book in my Highland Guard series, which hits stores today! (I told you August 31st would be here before you knew it. :))

I think I've mentioned before that I grew up watching a lot of old movies since my mom was an old movie buff. If you seen the list of "My Favorites" on my website, you know that Errol Flynn is my favorite old movie star. Well, Erik is somewhat my ode to Errol in his swashbuckling pirate movies (Captain Blood and The Sea Hawk). Hint: If you've seen any of those movies pay particular attention to the end of the first scene in Chapter One of The Hawk.

I'll be anxiously (and I mean anxiously) awaiting your reactions. Book release day is always a mix of excitement and nail biting for me as I wait for the "reviews" to start filtering through. But a HUGE thanks to B.E. for the great early first returns. :)

If you are new to the series or just want a quick refresher on what's happened, I'll be posting a new section on my website today called "All About the Highland Guard" that will catch you up. But BEWARE there are spoilers for THE HAWK in some of the sections.

I hope you are all enjoying the last days of summer. My kids go back to school on Wednesday, and I've been frantically running around trying to figure out how my son is going to navigate the thousands of stairs at middle school with two casts on his feet (corrective foot surgery). Boy, do I feel sympathy for those people who need accessibility full time. It's sad how we don't think about these things until they happen to us, isn't it?

So other than getting ready for school it's been pretty boring around casa McCarty. We've also been catching up on Glee (what a great show!) and watching True Blood, Top Chef, and Pillars of the Earth. We are also really enjoying the new show Rizzoli and Isles based on the Tess Gerritsen books--she's a favorite of mine. I've also been catching up on a little reading lately, including devouring MOCKINGJAY in one day last week. If any of you read it, I'd be intereseted to hear what you think.

Finally, I'm doing a couple of blogs this week. If you have time, come on over and check me out today at RomCon's blog and Friday at the Lovestruck Novice.

Friday, August 20, 2010

And Erik Goes To . . .

Congrats to B.E.!!! Send me your snail mail address and I'll get him in the mail ASAP. Thanks to everyone for posting. I hope to be able to write all the stories you guys are looking forward to!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hot Off the Presses!

One of my favorite days in the publishing process is opening the package that contains the freshly printed copy of my next book. Last week, it was THE HAWK, which will be in stores on August 31st (thanks to Doreen for pointing out a typo on my webpage about the release day, which will hopefully be corrected by time most of you read this).

I love the cover of this book, but wait until you see the colors. I think it's the best yet, and hopefully those vibrant purples and blues will really pop off those bookshelves.

So I want to share a little of the excitement with one of you. From now until Thursday night tell me which member of the Highland Guard you are most looking forward to reading about. (I won't be writing about all of them, but hope to write most.) A winner will be picked from the comments on Friday. As the last time, you must contact me by the following day (Saturday) or another name will be drawn so make sure to check back!

Congratulations to Diane W. and DiP (Anonymous)! You are the winners selected by! Please email me by Monday with your snail mail addy. Thanks to everyone for voting on the poll. Looks like Rory has pulled away from the pack, after running neck and neck with Tor for most of the week. Guess those first loves die hard, LOL!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So Which Team Are you On?

This blog was inspired by an email I received from a reader who couldn't decide who was her favorite: Tor or Patrick? I thought I'd do a little poll and see who's the frontrunner. I chose the four guys who have garnered the most private votes from reader email, but feel free to post in the comments if you have a different choice.
Let me know WHO YOU PICKED in the comments and you will be eligible to win a set of books that I brought back from RWA giveaways. I think I have enough for TWO winners to get four books each (sorry, titles will be a mystery until you open the box :). I'll pick the winners on Sunday morning so get those votes in! Winners will have until Monday night to email my their email address or I'll choose another name.

Also: Make sure to check back next week as well, because I may have an early copy of THE HAWK to giveaway on my next blog . . .


Monday, August 02, 2010

(Christie Hunter, Therese Walsh, Barbara Samuel, Jami Alden, Anne Hearn, Veronica Wolff, moi, Sarah MacLean, Christie Ridgeway, Bella Andre)
Hanging with the gang at RWA 2010 Orlando

Well, I'm back from Disney World and exhausted but invigorated as always. The RWA national conference is a crazy, fun-filled week of publisher parties, dinners with editors and agents, booksignings, workshops and networking (most of which takes place at the bar). This year we had karaoke! My friend Jami and I also managed to hit EPCOT on Wednesday before the big literacy signing. Fun, but hot. 97 degrees and humid is like walking around in a bread oven.

RWA national conference is the one week where it really does feel glamorous to be a writer. This year you'll be happy to know that I managed to talk to Linda Howard without babbling like a fool (I think).

But to me, far and away the best part of conference is the chance to hang out with friends without interruptions (yes, I'm talking to you kids!). I feel so fortunate to have such a great group of friends. The group seems to be getting bigger each year, which even makes it more fun. A few years back, our friend and chapter mate Barbara Freethy introduced us to her long time buddies Christie Ridgeway, Barbara Samuel and Liz Bevarly (who unfortunately wasn't there this year). We have so much fun hanging out with them at RWA, picking their brains and learning from some of the best in the industry. Congratulations to Barbara Samuel who won yet another Rita (I think she has 5 or 6 and has been nominated over TWENTY--OMG--times).

A special call out and thanks to PJ for bringing some of her amazing chocolates that I shamelessly begged for. :)

When I get a chance to catch up I'll be posting an opportunity to win some of the extra books I brought back from conference. Hope you guys had a nice week and are gearing up for THE HAWK. Can't believe it will be four weeks tomorrow!

Many readers commented this year again on the covers. I know I've asked this before, but with three new ones to add to the collection, which one is your favorite?