Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm blogging over at the Divas today about Alpha Heroes--basically arguing that they aren't necessarily jerks. I also raved about Shannon McKenna's latest book, EXTREME DANGER, which might have my favorite romance hero of all time! Pop on over and let me know what you think. (The picture of Viggo is just to set the mood for the discussion--he was who I had in mind for Alex in HIGHLANDER UNMASKED. Shhh.... :)).

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I meant to post this last week, but my looming deadline has been working against me. Book #2 of the next trilogy is due at the end of March so--fair warning--I might be a little longer between posts.

About 6 months ago (maybe a little longer) I was introduced to a new author from my local RWA Chapter who would soon be publishing her first book--a Scottish historical. I was so excited, but it kept getting better and better. Her books are set about fifty years after mine, we both were writing about actual historical figures, we are almost exactly the same age (she's five days older--LOL, you didn't think I'd miss pointing THAT out, did you?), we both have two kids, and her name is Veronica (we got the whole "onica" thing working)! Her book hit the stands a couple of weeks ago, so if you are looking for more Scottish check out MASTER OF THE HIGHLANDS. I was fortunate to read an ARC of this book and the next and loved them.

I'm in a Scottish mood lately, I just finished the wonderful Terri Brisbin's latest (SURRENDER TO THE HIGHLANDER) and loved it (I just visited the Orkneys so it was really fun to read a book partially set there) and I'm just about to pick up Janet Chapman's latest.

Any new Highlander books that you recommend?

Friday, February 08, 2008

He's Everywhere!

Not only is Nathan Kamp gracing just about every other romance novel (not that I'm complaining, mind you), but he's also popping up in my home catalogs. So there I am the other night flipping through the Pendleton catalog and wham, there he is. Does this man ever take a rest?

If you read a lot of romance as I do, you can't help but become familiar with some of the more common cover models. Most of the time, I don't find them all that attractive. Nathan, however, is the exception. When I started thinking about covers for my first series, I kept thinking, wouldn't it be awesome if I ended up with him? Too embarrassed to lobby for something like that, I still remember opening up the package with the picture of my covers for the first time and seeing his face (okay, partial face). I was over the moon.

Does he help sell books? I don't know, but it sure can't hurt. :) Have you ever bought a book based on the cover model? Do you even notice the cover model?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Old Favorites

There's just something about ice skating. It's one of those sports that is "cool" around the Olympics, but forgotten at other times. My husband groaned last week when I put the nationals on the TV, but soon he was just as involved as I was. Our kids were watching it as well and I happened to mention what I think is the quintessential skating movie, ICE CASTLES, and was appalled that my husbsand had never seen it.

Netflix to the rescue! We watched it last night with my 8 year old daughter and I was thrilled with how well it held up. I used to have the biggest crush on Robby Benson. So here's the shocking part: it's 30 years old and Robby Benson is now over 50. Sigh.

It got me thinking about favorite childhood/young adult movies. Who (in the 40 year old range) can forget BLUE LAGOON and LITTLE DARLINGS? My other big favorite was THE OUTSIDERS. I was a huge Matt Dillon fan and there was a small movie called OVER THE EDGE that I must have watched 100 times (kind of scary given the subject matter!).

What about you . . . any movies that hold a special place in your heart?