Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SEAL Appeal

Aside: Sorry for the radio silence around here. I've been dealing with an unexpected surgery for a family member, and things have been crazy. (Very happy to say everything went well).

As one of my friends tweeted about the above picture: makes you feel kind of . . . uh . . . patriotic, doesn't it?

I'll say. Hooyah!

I've been caught up in SEAL mania as it seems many people have since the news of Bin Laden's death hit. Well, actually, I've been caught up in SEAL mania since I read Suzanne Brockmann's first Troubleshooter book. As you guys probably know, it was my love of Navy SEAL/ Special Ops books that drove the Highland Guard Series. I pitched the idea to my CPs about 9 years ago as a "Special Ops in Kilts," blending my two favorite romance subgenres: special ops and scottish historicals.

My hubby and I happened to be watching 60 Minutes when they broke in for a special announcement. A few minutes later, they announced the rumor that Bin Laden had been killed. The newscasters were speculating on what had happened, and one of the CBS guys said that the CIA had taken him out. I turned to my husband and very authoritatively said, "No way, it was SEALs. The CIA might have had the intelligence, but special forces went in." (See, you do learn something from reading romance! LOL.)

I did a ton of reading about Special Forces to research the Highland Guard books, and there really is something different about these guys. I'm not sure I'd want to be married to one--I can't imagine how difficult it must be for the wives seeing their hubbies go into danger all the time--but I sure like the fantasy.

I'm looking forward to reading the new book about SEAL Team Six that just came out last week. I'd pre-ordered it some time ago, but Amazon sold out, and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow. I've seen a nice bump in my books the past couple of weeks--I think readers are searching out those Special Forces books. The Washington Post had a fun article about it.

Are you swept up in the SEAL mania? Do you enjoy Special Forces books (other than the Highland Guard, of course :))? Any favorites? What do you think makes Special Forces heroes so appealing?

And to any of you out there who serve or have family members who serve this feels like a great opportunity to THANK YOU!