Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mother's Day Shopping! (No, it's not for Thor)

If you are out and about in the next couple of days and/or plan on buying any books at Barnes & Noble any time until May 8th, you can also support a great cause: The Tourette Syndrome Association. If you use the ID #10476034 AND check the book fair box when you check out and a portion of the sales will go to TSA. (The offer is also good in stores).

If you are wondering, "Why Tourettes?" it's not because I watch American Idol, LOL. (For those of you who don't watch it either, one of the contestants James Durbin has Tourettes). My 14 year old son has Tourettes. He was diagnosed about 7 years ago, and it is a constant challenge. You can't hide Tourettes--his tics are very loud. I usually try not to talk too much about my kids, but this must be my week for breaking the rules. First my daughter and now my son! But this is for a good cause.

I'm hoping to see THOR tomorrow night (Hello, Chris Hemsworth), play golf on Saturday, and go to brunch with my Mom on Sunday. Hope all you moms have something fun and relaxing planned. IMO it's a bit of a "Hallmark Holiday" but hey, I'll take it!

UPDATE: Another great cause...
Most of you are probably aware of Brenda Novak's HUGE yearly auction for Diabetes research? There are tons of great items to big on, including--you guessed it--a set of books from someone you know. :)

YET ANOTHER UPDATE! It's Highlander Week at Reading between the Wines and guess who has a giveaway?