Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Who Knew?

Captain Kirk had such a hot father, LOL.  I finally had a chance to see the new Star Trek movie last weekend and LOVED it.  Haven't enjoyed a movie that much in a long time.  The first five minutes (featuring George T. Kirk, James Kirk's father) was brilliant.  There are plenty of fun homages to the TV show, but you don't need to be a Trekie to enjoy this movie.  Hope some of you have had a chance to check it out.   

I think I must be having a "blond" week because my other fascination this week has been TRUE BLOOD, the HBO series based on the Sookie Stakhouse novels.  Hubbster and I are catching up on the first season thanks to NETFLIX and we're loving it.  After reading the first book, I thought I would be a diehard Bill fan, but the actor who plays Eric really grew on me.  Actually he stood up out of his chair and I got a look at the tall, well-muscled bod (sickeningly shallow, I know).  I think I have the inspiration for the "viking" looking hero in book #2 of my new series, LOL.  How funny is this...he was rumored to be picked for the lead role in Kenneth Brannagh's upcoming "THOR," but instead the role went to . . . yep, the guy above who plays George Kirk.

With my deadline for the first book in my new series looming, I might be a little quiet for a while.  That, and the monsters are getting out of school.  Any TRUE BLOOD or STAR TREK fans out there?