Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Freshman Twenty at Forty

Like most college freshmen, I packed on a few pounds when I went away to school.  For undergrad I went to USC (University of Southern California--Tommy Trojan above) and not only did it have excellent food, it also had a valadine (sp?) program.  Basically, a charge card for food tied to the tuition bill.  Once I got over the novelty of being able to eat whatever and whenever I wanted, I dropped most of those pounds.  Not all, but most. 

Other than for the times I was pregnant, freshman year was probably the biggest weight gain I've ever had.  

Until now.  

Flash forward twenty (cough, cough...or twenty plus) years and I am no longer that svelte eighteen year old, but a forty-one year old mother of two who seems to be adding weight every week.  I'm exaggerating, but it seems like the moment I hit 40 everything changed.  I've always worked out and eaten relatively healthy (my big weakness being burritos and cheese), but all of the sudden it caught up to me.  Granted with all my recent tight deadlines I've had too much butt in the chair time, but these pounds don't want to come off!

Calories in, calories out, should be simple.  Then why is it so HARD.

I thought I'd throw it to you guys and see if anyone has any diets that have worked for them.  Atkins is a little too scary for me.  Life without carbs?  Ick.