Friday, January 09, 2009


That's what RT called us and I think it totally fits.  In case you missed it in my most recent website update, I'm on the cover of RT this month with my two critique partners Jami Alden and Bella Andre.  I'm often asked about critique groups and what makes them work, and the accompanying article gives a little insight into how we've done that.  Hope you'll look for it at Borders (I'm not sure if B&N still carries it?).  I was also thrilled that HIGHLAND WARRIOR received a TOP PICK!  

So this is the point where I start getting nervous excited about my book coming out. Of course, it feels like everyone and their mother has a new book coming out that day, LOL.  I suppose the good news is that people will be in the bookstores!  I'll never forget that my first book came out the same day as the last Harry Potter.  

I'll be making a b-line on the 27th for the new Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  What books are you guys looking forward to?