Friday, June 06, 2008

Just a Quick Heads Up!

Hope you saw the update on my website, but I have titles (finally!) for my next trilogy. Drumroll please . . .

Highland Warrior (Jamie Campbell's story)
Highland Outlaw (Elizabeth Campbell's story)
Highland Scoundrel (Duncan Campbell's story)

As you can probably tell, I ran out of "un" words. LOL. I'm still waiting for covers, but I hope to see those very soon. It will be hard to beat the first series, but the art department at Ballantine is amazing so you never know.

I literally just got the titles and yet when I checked Amazon a few minutes ago . . . low and behold the first two are aleady up for pre-sale (thus the link). Amazing. Not quite as exciting as seeing that first book listed for sale, but pretty darn close.

Have a great weekend everyone!