Thursday, January 24, 2008

Monica Goes to 1066 Country

On a recent trip to England, my family and I visited Battle (as in "of Hastings"). It was one of the highlights of the trip. English Heritage has put in a new visitor center near the Abbey (seen in the picture above) where the kids were able to watch a good video explaining some of the history behind "1066" country and then they played with a few interactive exhibits (swords, etc). But the highlight by far was walking the actual battlefield. It was drizzly and cold, and I think we were the only people there, but it was amazing to listen to the audio guide and really "feel" what it must have been like all those years ago. My kids (8 and 10) loved it.

When we were there one of the guides mentioned that every year they re-enact the battle. I would love to see this some time. I think they do something similar here in the US for the Battle of Gettysburg.

I have a good fellow writer friend who is big time into costume re-enactment, but it's never really something that's interested me. I've always thought it would be fun to dress up one time for a party or renaissance faire, but the amount or work and expense keep me away. But it does seem like a fun way to really experience history.

What about you? Have you ever been or participated in a re-enactment?