Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Idiosyncrasies & Quirks

We all have them. Seinfeld made a number of hilarious shows about them. One of my favorites: George removing his shirt before going to the bathroom (see youtube video above). Along similar lines, anyone remember John Cage from Ally McBeal? He liked a "fresh bowl" when he went to the bathroom. I can get on board with that!

One of my oddities: I like to be the first person to read the paper. My husband has constant fun with what he (probably rightly) thinks is ridiculous--he'll purposefully mess it up before I get to it. Yes, we're still in High School. Don't get me started on the postman I used to catch reading my magazines on his lunch break outside my house.

I must admit, as I get older, I do like things a certain way. I find myself walking by things that are out of place and fixing them. I've even been known to move a few towels around in my day (I like them straight!), but my little quirks don't usually rise to "Sleeping with the Enemy" levels--at least not yet. :)

The other day I was printing off my manuscript and realized I've developed a couple of them with writing as well. I like writing in Times New Roman--other fonts really bug me. I've heard other authors mention this one as well. I also like to print off every morning and edit by hand in a colored pen. By contrast, when I'm starting a new book and writing out ideas, I do it with pencil. Not sure why, since I never erase anyway.

So what about you? Do you have any funny quirks? Are you over or under on the TP, LOL?