Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Highland Guard Dream Cast

I'm often asked by readers whether my books will ever be made into a movie. The answer: I wish! It's very rare to have a romance made into a film, and even more so for a historical romance. I actually can't think of one. Not that I don't think the books would make a great movie--I would love to see it. But the chances are pretty slim.

That, however, doesn't stop me from coming up with my "dream cast" for the hypothetical movie. Take the very yummy Chris Hemsworth above--think I might have had him in mind for a certain swaggering, seafarer? LOL.

My friend Tracy/Teresa Grant told me about a very cool website that allows authors to "cast" their novels called Storycasting. I went ahead and did THE CHIEF. As I said in the note, some of the pictures they have for the actors don't exactly match up with my image (i.e. Viggo), but you get the picture.

I usually don't like when authors tell me actors they had in mind, so if you are like that don't click through. I don't want to ruin the image for you. But I thought some of you might enjoy seeing who I had in mind. :) The website also allows you to make up your own cast, so if your image differs have at it!

I'll be popping in sporadically over the next couple weeks, but let me know what you think!

[As an aside, I'm thrilled to announce that THE VIPER is going to be released a week early! So look for it to hit stores on October 18th!]