Monday, November 29, 2010

The McCarty's European Vacation

We're not quite the Griswolds, but sometimes it feels close, LOL. Sorry for the radio silence around here, but I just got back from 10 rainless but cold days in London with the family. We had a great time, managing to fit in day trip's to York, Stratford-Upon-Avon, and Warwick Castle.

I also toured Westminster Palace (better known as the Houses of Parliament) with my daughter. I've been to London 7 or 8 times, but it was the first time I'd managed to secure a ticket! The above photo is a plaque in the old Hall building (one of the two remaining buildings of the old medieval palace) marking where William Wallace stood trial! I had some serious shivers going.

Below are a couple photos of the Hall--it was truly magnificent. The most beautiful medieval hall I've ever seen. As Mel Brooks says, "It's good to be the King!"

As you can see they were getting ready to decorate the Christmas tree.

Every time I go to London my vow to live there some day gets a little stronger. I really regret not living there when I had a chance (i.e. before kids). I had an opportunity to do a semester abroad when I was at college, but I couldn't bear the idea of leaving all my friends. Sigh. Hindsight.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Anyone do any traveling? Have you ever wanted to live in a different country for a while?