Monday, March 09, 2009

Man vs. Wild Highlander Style

I could have also titled this blog: Inspiration strikes in the strangest places.   A few years ago when we were up in Tahoe snowed in, I discovered a new show on the Discovery Channel called, "Man vs. Wild."  Since then it has turned into something of a cult hit, but we were definitely early followers. :)  

If you haven't seen it, it's a reality show featuring Bear Grylls, a former British SAS (special forces) guy, who gets dropped off in the "wild" and has to find his way out, giving plenty of survival tricks along the way.  He also eats some pretty disgusting things--bugs, snakes, spiders, you name it.  One of the more memorable: squeezing water from Elephant dung.  Yuck.  It's a great show, our whole family loves it.  

But what does it have to do with Highlanders?  Well, it was in an episode where Bear goes to the Cairngorm Mountains in the Highlands (link to part of the episode here--squeamish alert!) that inspiration for HIGHLAND OUTLAW struck.  Bear mentioned how tough the Highlanders must have been, living in brutal conditions, etc. and it seemed to me that he HAD to be talking about the MacGregors.  

I hope you've had a chance to read HO, but if you haven't--without giving too much away--that toughness really became the core of the hero Patrick MacGregor.  There's also a section in the story where he has to put all his survival skills to work.

Are you a Discovery Channel or Man Vs. Wild fan?  Any good "cult" shows you recommend?  (I'm also a HUGE fan of the "new" but soon-to-be-over Battlestar Gallactica).