Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another Great BBC Production

In my never ending love affair with the BBC (and its costume dramas in particular), I've added a new feature to my blog. In the right column below the book links you will see a list of "Recommended BBC productions" in rough order.

My favorite BBC miniseries of all time (and if you looked at the "my favorite" section of my website you'll see that its my favorite movie of all time) is the joint A&E production of Pride & Prejudice, followed closely by Elizaeth Gaskell's North &South and Almost Strangers. I'm fortunate enough to get BBCAmerica, but all of these are also available on DVD.

Which brings up another favorite topic: two of the greatest inventions in the "make my life easier" category: Netflix and Tivo. (You'll probably hear my wax poetic about both of these things from time to time). It is thanks to both of these products that I've been able to watch so many of these great shows.

Last night we watched the first episode of another great production (OK technically an HTV production): Robin of Sherwood. Once you can get past the 80's haircuts (my husband dubbed him Robin of Journeywood) it's fantastic--much grittier and more mystical than we are used to seeing. I'm looking forward to watching the rest.