Sunday, July 12, 2009

Romantic Comedies

My hubby and I went to see Sandra Bullock's new movie THE PROPOSAL last night.  Once a month we have "Kids night Out" at our gym, which gives us just enough time to catch a movie.  We'd already seen most of what was out last night, so I got my way for the "chick flick."  We were both surprised by how much we enjoyed it.  

I love romantic comedies and am always searching for good ones on NETFLIX.  My favs?  Off the top of my head OVERBOARD, SWEET HOME ALABAMA, CLUELESS,  and BRIDGETT JONES DIARY.  But I know I'm forgetting some of my favs.

I'm on my way to Washington DC for the Romance Writers of America's annual conference so if I'm quiet, you'll know why.  

What is your favorite Romantic Comedy?