Monday, August 02, 2010

(Christie Hunter, Therese Walsh, Barbara Samuel, Jami Alden, Anne Hearn, Veronica Wolff, moi, Sarah MacLean, Christie Ridgeway, Bella Andre)
Hanging with the gang at RWA 2010 Orlando

Well, I'm back from Disney World and exhausted but invigorated as always. The RWA national conference is a crazy, fun-filled week of publisher parties, dinners with editors and agents, booksignings, workshops and networking (most of which takes place at the bar). This year we had karaoke! My friend Jami and I also managed to hit EPCOT on Wednesday before the big literacy signing. Fun, but hot. 97 degrees and humid is like walking around in a bread oven.

RWA national conference is the one week where it really does feel glamorous to be a writer. This year you'll be happy to know that I managed to talk to Linda Howard without babbling like a fool (I think).

But to me, far and away the best part of conference is the chance to hang out with friends without interruptions (yes, I'm talking to you kids!). I feel so fortunate to have such a great group of friends. The group seems to be getting bigger each year, which even makes it more fun. A few years back, our friend and chapter mate Barbara Freethy introduced us to her long time buddies Christie Ridgeway, Barbara Samuel and Liz Bevarly (who unfortunately wasn't there this year). We have so much fun hanging out with them at RWA, picking their brains and learning from some of the best in the industry. Congratulations to Barbara Samuel who won yet another Rita (I think she has 5 or 6 and has been nominated over TWENTY--OMG--times).

A special call out and thanks to PJ for bringing some of her amazing chocolates that I shamelessly begged for. :)

When I get a chance to catch up I'll be posting an opportunity to win some of the extra books I brought back from conference. Hope you guys had a nice week and are gearing up for THE HAWK. Can't believe it will be four weeks tomorrow!

Many readers commented this year again on the covers. I know I've asked this before, but with three new ones to add to the collection, which one is your favorite?