Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy (belated) New Year!

I hope you all had a nice holiday "break." The reason I put that word in quotations is that having the kids home for two weeks while on deadline doesn't feel like much of a vacation. By the time January 7th rolled around even they were ready to go back to school. LOL.

We usually head up to Tahoe over Christmas, but this year we decided to stay home. It was actually really nice, and I was glad not to add the stress of travel to an already hectic schedule. I was even more happy to be home when Northern California was hit with some pretty crazy storms last week. Most of my Diva buddies were without power at some point of another, but we were lucky.

The good news is that I'm about half-way through with Book #2 of my next back-to-back trilogy--right on schedule which is always a nice place to be. Now let's hope it stays that way!

Did you have a boring holiday like me or did you do something exciting? Anyone do any traveling? And if you went to Hawaii, I DON'T want to hear about it. :)