Sunday, September 23, 2007

Eastern Promises . . . and Viggo full monte!

Now if that isn't a movie recommendation, I don't know what is. :) Friday night was movie night for the McCarty household. While my kids went to see Ratatouille with their grandfather, my husband and I went to see Eastern Promises. We were both really looking forward to seeing this movie and were not disappointed.
Now, it's not for everyone--particularly those with weak stomachs. I actually had to look away a few times. It's the story of a woman--a midwife--who is trying to track down information about a young girl who died in her hospital after giving birth to a baby girl. If the midwife (played by Naomi Watts) doesn't find the girl's family, the child will end up in London's child welfare system. Her search leads her into the heart of the Russian mafia where she meets an enigmatic and perhaps brutal mobster (played by Viggo) who she become attracted to. It's a great movie and there is one very memorable scene that everyone is talking about where Viggo fights off a couple of bad guys wearing nothing more than his tattoos.
The other movie on our short list is 310 to Yuma. Any other recommendations?